A Letter fromChuck Mangione

Dear Friends:

Chuck wants to thank you for taking the time to write 
and express your feelings about him and his music.

In the early days of his career Chuck had the space 
in his life to respond personally to his fans.  
He regrets that space no longer exists.

We would like to show you a letter he wrote in 1972 that 
reveals the sentiments he has today towards your kind thoughts.

Dear Wanda Burgess,
        Tonight is New Year's Eve and for the first time in many years
I'm not performing. It's a nice feeling because it's given me a chance to 
reflect on the past year and to look ahead as well.

        1972 was a year of many pleasant and rewarding experiences for me:
a Grammy nomination, a European tour, two quartet albums, good health in my
family, faithful friends, a happy year in our first house, - I could go on
and on. But really, as straight out as an "inside" musician like me can say
it, your note is one of the nicest and most flattering I've ever received.
What a wonderful Christmas present! For someone to feel so much happiness
from my music is a supreme compliment and for you to take the time to write
makes it all extra special.

        My wish for 1973 is that God will give me more music to share with
beautiful people like you and your family. Again I'm humbled by your
comments and hope that the new year brings you half the good feeling that
your letter brought me.
                                                                Chuck Mangione
Click Here To See A   Copy Of The Original Letter


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