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Fan Mail

"From Chuck's number one fan"

Sometimes a young person is very lucky to meet someone of
"quality"--someone who has faced the world head-on, looked the world
straight in the eyes, and decided that he has something to offer that would
add pleasure to life's journey--that would provide good, clean, honest
enjoyment in a world that sometimes is missing or lacking in "quality". You
are such a person, Chuck, for you have given to so many people in so many
ways--and you have always given your very best.

Your music carries a strong message to the world--a message of care and
concern--of compassion and realism--of respect and love for your fellow
human being. The music you have composed, and the many times that you have
and will continue to perform it, serves to underscore your dedication to a
better world, a world of value.

On August 12, 1984 I had the pleasure to meet you, and the members of your
family, for the very first time at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.
Many young people dream of such a meeting with their favorite celebrity--my
dream became a reality, thanks to you. And, you have extended your hand in
friendship--a friendship that has continued for these past 14 years and
will continue far into the future. You gave to me the gift of friendship
and you have continued to offer that friendship, regardless of your very
busy schedule.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much your friendship, and the
friendship of your family, has meant to me in my life. I am certain that
you already know, and I am equally certain that you have gone "out of your
way" for me because you are who you are--a "special" person.

A "Special Person" is one who no matter how important they become, always
remains respectful of their fellow human being. Your music, your life, the
way in which you treat people--all of this reflects upon that very deep
inner person--the person who cares--and you are that person.

The world will always be a better place because you have been and are a
part of it. I have no way of knowing how many people you have touched over
the years, but I do want you to know that this one person you have touched
will always be a better person because you cared.

May God richly bless you in the months and years to come. Rest assured that
He will always be with you and care for you--because you have always cared
about other people. You are one of his "Special People".

Thank you, Chuck, for everything.

                                Your friend, and #1 Fan
                                Patrick Frazier
March 28, 1998

Your fan mail just moved me to tears! Your gift has affected so many of us in such a profound way. I especially connected with the man in San Leandro who as a 16 year old boy sat in that hot car, stunned and unable to MOVE as he listened. I get it!! I never thought I'd have the chance to thank you for sharing your beautiful Spirit with the world. Thank you, sweet heart!! And much love right back to you. Barb in Alabama
In 7th grade, I joined the Jr. High School Beginner Band. I played trombone for several years thereafter. I found a world of music I don't know existed. My director introduced me to the world of Drum & Bugle Corps, Maynard Ferguson, the beauty of Bach, Holst & Rachmaninoff. One of the most precious finds though was the music of Chuck Mangione. I bought every CM LP I could find. I lived "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" a thousand times in my living room after school. I practiced my conducting, played a little t'bone, tried a bit of sax and learned bass guitar by listening to Chales Meeks over and over. We played Bellavia, Land of Make Believe & Chase The Clouds Away in High School band - I sat in with the bass... One magical night in Birminham, AL around 1981, I saw the group live - I was drunk on the musical ecstasy shorly into the program. I found out during the concert that there were several tornadoes going on, but i didn't care. Chris Valdala was spectacular. Meeks & Bradley were in the pocket. There was a sub for Geissman on guitar - his name was Lockett, I believe. There, in the middle of it all, was CM, hat firmly in place, leading the troop and the audience into uncharted musical territory. It was beautiful. I hope I have the opportunity to hear you again in person and intoduce my family to the experience. We're all 23 years older now and I just bought the Hollywood Bowl CD to replace the 2nd worn out set of LPs. It sounds more wonderful now than then, even if through less than the rose colored lenses of youth. Thanks so much for all your love and care of the gifts God gave you. They have made the world a much brighter and happier place. I hope that you receive as much pleasure from making the music as I have had in receiving it. Going back now to listen to the Friends & Love album.... Take care, Jeff Miller Tuscaloosa, AL June 28, 2004

city: Peabody state: MA comments: I've loved Chuck since the late eighties, and saw him once at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly,Massachusetts, excellent show!

comments: Chuck's album "Main Squeeze" was the most listened to jazz fusion album I listened to in college in the late 70's. It is one of the most melodic and romantic albums I ever heard. Could you please tell me why this classic has not been released and available to the public on CD. Everyone I know who is a Mangione fan always mentions this release as their favorite. Thank you, Chuck Pisano

city: Burbank comments: Chuck is the greatest! If you do not dig Chuck, then you are out of luck. I am listening to Chuck's live at the Hollywood Bowl, on eight track right now. Rock on!

city: Spring Valley state: NY comments: I am a new fan of Chuck's. I heard the song "Feels So Good" for the first time very recently, ( I know is an old song but...) and I fell in love with it. Since then, I've started listening to a lot of jazz and I love it. I'm going to my first Chuck concert in December at the John Harms Theater in NJ. I'm really excited about it. I've read some of the fan mail, and I'm quiet younger than the rest of the fans (most), but I have to say, his music has no age barrier. I am a totally devoted fan. For life. Thank you Chuck for showing me a new kind of music.

city: Owasso state: OK country: USA comments: Just got my 2nd copy of the Hollywood Bowl set. My first one was when I was 17 years old, and probably the ONLY kid in high school who even knew who Chuck was. Well, it's over 20 years later, and I've traded in the scratched up vinyl set for the remastered CD set, and the tunes sound even sweeter now than they did then. When I first got the cd, I ripped it open, popped it in the player, started "Chase the Clouds Away" and was instantly transported across 20 years to the first time I saw Chuck and heard that gorgeous piece of music played. I've seen him 3 more times since... everytime he's ever played in Tulsa, and my latest trip was with my teenage daughter... who's trying her hand at the trumpet. Chuck... God bless you for all your talent, your style, your personality, and for the many, many moments of peace and inspiration you've given to me in your music. I could see your shows a million times and it would never even the score. Thank you. Jeff Scott

city: San Leandro state: CA country: USA contact: Yes comments: It was a hot summer day, 1981, and I had just purchased Live at the Hollywood Bowl on cassette. I immediately put it in the tape deck when I got in my car and started to drive away from the record store when the first, honey-sweet notes to "Feels So Good" dripped from Chuck's horn. I re-parked the car and sat there in front of the store, in the blazing sun, with the windows rolled down, and the music playing. I couldn't move. Then "Chase the Clouds Away" came on. I completely melted-- not from the sun, but from Chris Vadala's flute and from the beautiful, swelling strains of the orchestra. I had never heard anything that beautiful! Oh sure, I was already a huge Chuck fan, and owned a couple of his albums, but I had never really HEARD his music until that day. It spoke to me. I listened to the entire first casette there in front of Rainbow Records and Tapes in Centralia, WA (hardly a hub for jazz music lovers) and I was late for work. Chuck has been with me ever since. I was 16 years old and I learned about passion for the first time. Thank you, Chuck, for teaching me.

comments: As far back as I can remember, Chuck Mangione music has been playing through my parent's old black walnut speakers. The first note of a song and I instantly feel the sights and sounds of my chilhood home. "Live at the Hollwood Bowl" and "The Children of Sanchez" were the only two albums of Chuck's that my parents had, but we listened to them over and over again. Maybe I didn't realize it at the time but they helped shape my musical tastes and personality. I get such a rush out of listening to that album, especially James Bradley Junior on "Sanchez", man that blows me away every time. When I began playing the drums I was frustrated to learn how clean and strong of a player James really is and I still try to reach that in my playing. He makes it sound so easy! The music has brought my brother and I closer together because we know all the songs on those two albums together. He had a chance to meet Chuck in Seattle a few years back and said it was an amazing concert. Simply put, it's the best music I know. There are few musical acts that even come close for me. I also think that there is an energy on Hollwood Bowl, on vinyl, that you do not get on the CD. Maybe it's the snaps and pops that remind me of home. Either way, something is missing. When I listen to that recording, I can feel the crowd, and the desert night and wish I had had the chance to be there. I snatch up every album I can find at Goodwill stores, flea markets and record shops. At 25, I am excited to know that I didn't miss out on seeing Chuck himself as he will be in Cary, NC this summer. Maybe they will release that one on vinyl, I hope so. Casey from Minneapolis

city: Austin state: TX country: USA comments: Don't ever stop giving us the music that transcends all politics, all relgions,all race and ethnic differences. We all rejoice as one with the magic of the music.

city: Carle Place state: NY comments: I've seen Chuck in concert about 10 times and it's always a great performance. The last time I saw him, at the IMAC on Long Island, I felt as though I was at an Italian wedding or visiting an uncle's house. He even slow-danced with a woman in the audience! It is that feeling of warmth from both the music and from Chuck himself that makes the whole experience so enjoyable. 60 and still going strong!

city: Mobile state: AL country: The U.S.A. comments: Dear Mr. Mangione, I have been a fan since I learned that you wrote "Children of Sanchez" in 1997. When you preformed at the Grand Casino Bo ,my parents let my sister and I watch, then, after the show, we asked if you would sign my case to the "best of Chuck Mangione" and you asked for us to come back stage and meet you! We had forgotten to bring a camera so you took pictures of us using your own camera, and sent the pictures back to us as a Christmas present, which really meant a lot to me since you wrote it in your own handwriting!!!! I never have gotton a chance to thank you for sending me those pictures, so, if you get to read this message, I just wanted to thank you for that moment I will never forget ("show me what ya got?!"). O and by the way, I am currently in the process of buying a flugal horn!!, and I am playing my trumpet no less than three hours a day, sincerly, Jerr McCutchen your fellow trumpeter

city: Durham state: NC country: USA comments: I've enjoyed your music for years. Tonight I listening to your best of cd this evening and decided to start playing flugelhorn again. I was looking for a songbook of your music and found your website. I was shocked that we share the same birthday. And, prayers go out to your family on the loss of your father. I was reminded tonight how much your music has inspired and challenged me over the years. The melodies are beautiful and touch me on an emotionally. You've been an inspiration to so many musicians, not just trumpet/fulgelhorn players. BTW, I remember and enjoyed your work with Art Blakey and the Jazz messengers. Just wanted to let you know, from a long time fan, you music not only lives, but inspires us to live and love... with enthusiasm. brett

city: Fort Collins state: CO country: USA comments: You signed a copy of your LP "Land of Make Believe" for me in 1973, when I was all of 13 years old (at Eastview Mall). I'll never forget what you said. I was taking trumpet lesson at the time and you said, "I hope we get to play together some day." Your words and your music are always straight from the heart. Thanks Chuck.

...and from around the world...

city: Mexico country: Mexico realmente quiero decirte que tu musica es una de las partes mas importantes dentro de mi vida ya que me hace sentir muy bien cuando la escucho y de verdad te digo que es una de las mejores que he escuchado a traves de mi vida. por otra parte te felicito por lo excelente que eres como musico, ya que atravez de toda tu inspiracion llenas muchos corazones vacios con tu inigualable musica y nos haces sentir bien. muchas felicidades. alfonso trujillo here's the translation hello Chuck I really want to tell you that your music is one of the most important parts of my inner life, i have a sense of well being when I listen to you and truly tell you that it is one of the best i have listened to in the turns of my life. For another I congratulate you for the excellent musician you are, your inspiration crosses everyone and fills many empty hearts with your unequaled music and make us feel good! hola chuck.

city: Abakan country: Russia contact: Yes comments: I feel so good the music of Chuck Mangione more than 20 years! It's not easy to find here the albums, but I've got more than 10, including the last 2. Dear Chuck! Your music makes me feel the beauty of life & the world around me. God Bless You!

city: Ansan country: Korea Republic comments: to Chuck Mangione. Hi, I'm 20 years old college student in Korea, the country you visited this year. It's very emotionally pleasuer to send you mail like this. Sometimes When we strongly moved by art, we feel the artist like our friend. To me, you are the one I felt that. Last winter was very hard for me. I had to find university, and had to be pepared to begin social life. I Visited Seoul( the capital of Korea) several times, to interview some university I wanted to enter. From My hometown to seoul it takes 4-5 hours by bus. I always took the bus leave in dawn, and came back home midnight. One day of Those days I happened to hear your music "Give it all you got". I just drawned in that music and tears fell down on my cheek. I had to live, I thought. I got power by that music. Now I failed to enter university I wanted and entered a small college near Seoul. But It's OK. It's autumn now and I think about that times very important to me. And I entered this site, I thought I should say "Thank You" Thank you Chuck Mangione. Your music is love. with faith, from Korea, Su-hyun Kim ps. to go to a concert, it is not cheap action to me, but when you come to our country and have a concert once again, I promise I will be there.

city: Warsaw country: Poland comments: About two months ago I heard the music of "Children of Sanchez" thanks to my brother. I just wanted to tell you it's really fantastic. Best music I've ever known.

city: Kirkenes country: Norway comments: I`m a norwegian professional trombone player. The first time I`ve heard CHILDREN OF SANCHEZ was when I as playing in the Norwegian Kings Guard. After that I`ve heard a lot on the record and I had to say that that music (all of the record) is my absolute favorite. Best regards from Knut Starheim

city: EagleVale NSW country: Australia comments: January 1981, Sydney Australia: The day before my 14th birthday my parents break the bad news to me that they are separating. What a birthday present! Two or three days later, after months of anticipation, they take me to see Chuck Mangione playing at the Regent Theatre, George Street Sydney. Part of a tour that included Dizzy Gillespie and Toshiko Akioshi (who we also saw on other nights), Chuck is the only artist that simply walks onto stage without a support act. Time stood still for me. I don't know how long the gig lasted - hours I'm sure, but my musical idol and his quartet (with Carlos Rios standing in for Grant Geissman and reading the charts!) took me to another place where the music and feeling were intense, almost spiritual. Despite my own personal crisis, I was lost in the magic and energy of the music, where suddenly everything was alright. At the time I only had a few of Chuck's records, so there was plenty of "new" music for me on that night. I will never forget hearing Land of Make Believe and Children of Sanchez for the first time, with Chuck's explanation "Last time we recorded this with 70 musicians. This is how we do it with 4." I'll never forget Chuck's introduction to Pina Colada, explaining that the vocal lead reminds him of a mind that is shell-shocked from TV coverage of the US elections, and James Bradley Jnr's hearty laugh that followed for ages.... I'll never forget waiting outside the theatre afterwards, hoping to catch a glimpse of Chuck (although I'm not sure why given that he'd been the centre of attention for more than 2 hours). Instead I see Charles Meeks wiping the sweat from his face with a towel, and he gives me a wink and a smile. In the years that have followed I have collected almost everything Chuck has recorded. His melodies have inspired and influenced my own playing style tremendously, as have his orchestrations. In recent times I've found myself rediscovering albums such as Clouds, Bellavia, and Main Squeeze, and the originality of the compositions and complexity of the arrangements / orchestrations(plus the calibre of musicians including Jon Faddis) leave me spell-bound. "The Hat's Back" was a good reminder of those albums, but my favourites will always be Hollywood Bowl and Tarrantella. Chuck, I realise that your career has metamorphised into something quite different to what it was in 1981, but it remains my dream to see you again in concert. Tell you what: If you come to Sydney again I promise I'll bring all of my friends and fellow musicians to see you. That should guarantee at least 30 sets sold! Seriously though, your music has become a part of who I am as a person, and will always inspire me musically and emotionally. I thank you for that, and hope that you continue honking in front of studio microphones for a long time to come! Cheers, Gary Badger Sydney, Australia.

His music allows me to escape the mortal elements of this world and absorb the peaceful solitude. David l. Johnson Jacksonville, FL.


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